A few of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller achievements in office!

National Conservative / Agricultural Leader

Sid Miller in his office working for Texas
  • Endorsed twice 2018 and 2022 by President Donald J Trump for TX Agriculture Commissioner
  • Sued the Biden Administration and won an injunction against their racist loan program
  • Launched a non-taxpayer funded nationally syndicated TV show Texas Agriculture Matters that promotes farmers, ranchers, and Texas products on RFD TV 
  • Founding member of Donald Trump’s agricultural advisory team
  • Promoted Donald J Trump for President and Texas conservative issues on major news outlets such as Fox News and NewsMax
  • Predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 landslide victory on national news
  • Kept farmers & ranchers updated on Texas agricultural issues on RFD-TV, the National Rural Farm Network
  • Interviewed as a finalist for Secretary of Agriculture in Donald Trump’s administration

Protecting the Consumers of Texas

Sid Miller Protecting Consumers
  • Informed and got US AG William Barr to launch an investigation into the anti-free market monopoly of the 4 large mostly foreign owned meat packers for price fixing against ranchers and consumers
  • Protested the state enforced Covid mandates and business lockdowns
  • “Operation Maverick” to identify pawn shops, grocery stores and BBQ joints who failed to register their scales as required by state consumer protection laws
  • Reduced subsidy payments for taxpayers on all regulatory services by 50%
  • Cut the previous administration executive staff positions from 14 to only 9 positions
  • Increased inspections of fuel pumps for accuracy and fuel quality as well as illegal credit card skimmers
  • Posted the address and location of found credit card skimmers
  • Canceled a costly logistics contract and streamlined state inspections to increase consumer and industry protection while lowering cost
  • Reduced fuel pump inspections from every 8 years to every 2 years
  • Cut 16 fuel inspection positions within the agency
  • Restructured the agency so TDA inspectors are driving 1.5 million less miles a year saving taxpayers thousands
  • Notified Governor Abbott to allow the sale of Spanish-labeled toilet paper during the Covid shortage skipping the time-consuming re-labeling process.

Texas Agricultural Leader

Texas Agriculture Sid Miller
  • Only State in the USA to increase agricultural exports during the China trade war.
  • Established new TDA export facilities at the Houston Airport and in Del Rio for TX Agricultural exports
  • Facilitated and helped secure a donation of 561,600 eggs by CAL-MAINE FOODS to the Houston Food Bank
  • #1 cattle exporting state in the USA
  • Established the Hay Hotline to connect farms with Hay sellers
  • Upon arrival updated a 2 1/2 year back log at the TDA on Organic Crop Certifications for farmers
  • Established the Texas Department of Agriculture Market Roundup Report to keep Texas farmer and ranchers informed on current market prices
  • Helped raises hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund (STAR FUND) to help farmers and ranchers affected by Hurricane Harvey and the Texas Panhandle wildfires
  • Facilitated the Texas Memorial Agricultural Ceremony at the Texas Capitol recognizing Texans who had dedicated their lives to agriculture and lost their life in the past year
  • TDA’S State Office of Rural Health awarded 2021 Medicare beneficiary quality improvement spirit award

School Nutrition Program

Sid Miller School Lunches
  • Eliminated state mandates giving local control of school food choices back to schools and most importantly parents
  • Eliminated Michelle Obama’s feel-good nutrition program that made for healthy trash cans NOT healthy kids
  • Established Farm Fresh Fridays connecting farmers with schools to get more locally grown food into school cafeterias
  • Promoted the Jump with Jill program that encourages children to be active and make healthy food choices

Promoting Texas Products to the World

Texas cotton field
  • Sid Miller’s historic visit to China led the way to opening the Chinese market to beef for the first time in decades
  • Sid Miller and his staff visited every continent except Antarctica to promote Texas products
  • Sid Miller’s historic trip to Israel reignited the Texas-Israel relationship and Miller was the first statewide elected official from Texas recognized by the Israeli parliament
  • Drastically increased business memberships in the TDA GO TEXAN Program

Water Preservation

Texas Dam in Austin
  • Recommended to Governor Greg Abbott to appoint a person with an agricultural background to the state water board since agriculture is one of the top consumers in the state of Texas
  • Promoted the idea of water catchment systems to various city councils in Texas

Other Notable Achievements

USA Mexico Border Wall
  • Delivered large donations of personal protective equipment against Covid to rural west Texas hospitals
  • Met with Mexican Governor on the Texas/Mexico border to voice concerns of farmers and ranchers and communicate strong Texas support for a border wall to the national media and Trump administration
  • Went on CBS 60 Minutes and promoted the need for more healthcare facilities in rural Texas communities
  • Elected President of the Southern United States Trade Association as TX State Representative (Not as TX AG)
  • Author of the TX Sonogram Bill
  • Author of the Pork Chopper Bill – hunting wild hogs from a helicopter
  • Filed legislation for TX Highway Patrol machine gun boats on the Rio Grande River